Conceptual Aircraft Design

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Elements of Computational Flight Dynamics for Complete Aircraft

This Master degree thesis summarizes the effort undertaken to introduce high-fidelity methods in the aircraft design process. A tool for generating the aerodynamic tables with the semi-empirical United States air force stability and control digital compendium with the common parametric aircraft con guration schema (CAPCS) is developed.

Reduced order models to overcome computational  fluid dynamics limitations for
automated generation of aerodynamic tables are then presented. Two methods are
developed in order to obtain a more efficient approach for samples positioning inside
the  flight envelope domain. Emphasis is given on the ability to capture nonlinearities
appearance in the  flow eld with only a few computations over the whole  flight envelope.
The methods rely on Kriging interpolation, and are validated for semi analytical
functions and for real test cases.

A test case is then presented, showing the statical and dynamical aircraft stability
comparison between di erent geometry con gurations, by use of reduced order models
and with a low computational budget.


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