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Aerodynamic analysis of a sustainable-energy sailplane using CEASIOM
This master thesis explains in detailed the process followed to make an aerodynamic analysis of the Warsaw University of Technology sailplane, The PW-5 Smyk, using a computerized environment developed as part of the SimSac project: CEASIOM. Throughout the document it is possible to find a step-by-step description on how the geometry should be defined in the CEASIOM’s stand alone module for Vortex Lattice Method solutions, Tornado. Besides, it provides a full description of the grid generation and the criteria used to determine if a mesh could be adequate for the specific purpose. At this point a mesh validation is  carried by comparing aerodynamic predictions with experimental measurements taken during the sailplane’s flight. Moreover, once the domain discretization and  calculation parameters have proven to be effective, a series of flight states are defined in Tornado with the aim of evaluate the airplane aerodynamics during different operating conditions. In fact, those computations were made following a special organization, which is required by SDSA in order to produce graphics as a solution found by the VLM code. At the end of the document the reader will find the presentation of the main plots achieved with CEASIOM and a short discussion on the implications that each of them has on the aircraft’s aerodynamics.


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Language English
Author Santiago Ramirez Rubio
Created 2013-04-08 10:53:52