Conceptual Aircraft Design

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Distribution Policy:

The CEASIOM software is developed by SimSAC parterns, represented by CFS Engineering and is offered to everyone as FREEWARE. User must agree the EULA before downloading.

As CEASIOM is free of charge, neither the support nor the perpetuity of CEASIOM is guaranted.

For this reason we, at CFS Engineering, offer the possibility to subscribe to a Support package. Our philosophy, though perhaps idealistic, is that if enough people/universities/companies subscribe to one of the Support options, we will be better able to maintain and improve the software, include developments by other people, correct bugs, offer training sessions, mail out newsletters, etc..

We are a group of engineers who would like our product to be used as widely as possible. Our vision is to create an active aerospace design-user community around CEASIOM for the free exchange of ideas, concepts, and knowledge on aircraft design. As interest in CEASIOM grows, we intend to organize special sessions at conferences (for example AIAA, CEAS, etc) where people can exchange their experiences, ideas, and new concepts obtained by using CEASIOM.

We strongly encourage our users to consider taking a support package. This will provide users with the following advantages:

  • bug fixes
  • access to more complex examples
  • acces to source code
  • access to intermediate CEASIOM releases
  • a certain number of hours of dedicated support
  • a contribution to ensuring the perpetuity of CEASIOM.

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Consulting: 180€ / hour


  • Adaptation of the CEASIOM application to your specific needs
  • Specific module  development
  • Interfacing your tools (CFD, CAD, ...) with CEASIOM
  • etc...