Conceptual Aircraft Design

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Reports and Master Thesis using CEASIOM


Roberto Merino Martinez performed his Master degree thesis at KTH on the "Design and Analysis of the Control and Stability of a Blended Wing Body Aircraft".

Aidan Jungo performed his Master degree thesis at CFS Engineering on the "Development of the CEASIOM AIrcraft Design Environment for Novel Aircraft Configurations".

Marco Cristofaro performed his Master degree thesis at the University of Southhampton on "Elements of Computational Flight Dynamics for Complete Aircraft"

Please note that these Master degree thesis work were carried out on a future CEASIOM release using the CPACS XML format.



Santiago Ramirez Rubio performed his Master degree thesis at KTH on the "Aerodynamic analysis of a sustainable-energy sailplane using CEASIOM", directed by Prof. Arthur Rizzi.


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