Conceptual Aircraft Design

  • JFolder::files: Path is not a folder:
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  • Under linux:
  • Inside AMB, calling Edge-Euler solver does not work.
  • FCSDT Module does not work
  • Under win:
  • Inside AcBuilder, mouse scroll zoom in or out can cause display issues. Alternative solution: use keyboard shortcuts for zooming in or out.
  • AcBuilder are known to be a little bit unstable
  • Under both:
  • AcBuilder: wrong cast of the aileron position parameter for a wing component
  • AMB restriction on EDGE sampling analysis and EDGE dynamic motion analysis
  • AMB: wrong reference definition with tornado computation
  • AMB: twin-tail configuration are not taking into account
  • AMB and Propulsion GUI issues about text font sizes
  • New WB module and NeoCASS have some incompatibilities
  • Example files are not uptodate

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